Monday, January 26, 2015

Shape Walk with Kindergarten for 3-D Shapes

This past week, kindergarten students went on a shape walk around the school. This walk was similar to one that we did earlier in the year with flat shapes, except for this time we were looking for 3-D shapes!

Students were searching the school high and low for 3-D shapes including: cylinders, cones, rectangular prisms, cubes, and spheres.

We were not sure how many shapes our kindergarten students would find, but they amazed us! They found 3-D shapes everywhere. Check some of them out below!

Next we will be putting these 3-D shapes into a Padlet, where we will again review what it means t be a 3-D shape and then provide the shape name and give the attributes of the shape. Our class Padlet will then be posted on the teacher blog and here to share the great kindergarten searching and thinking! Look forward to it!



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