Monday, January 5, 2015

Preparing for the PARCC Assessment

During the last couple weeks before winter break and in the coming weeks, we will be helping students to prepare to show their smarts on the PARCC and Ohio AIR Assessments. We will be reviewing the tools available to them, as well as some of the sample test items.

As we have begun to review some of this material, it seems that our students are doing these types of tasks on a regular basis and it was so great to see the multiple strategies that were applied, especially on the Math Assessment.

We have been discussing the importance of PROVING your answer, just like lawyers so in court cases. We prove our answer in English Language Arts by going back to the text and providing evidence from the text. We prove our answer in Mathematics by showing our work and sometimes explaining our thinking in words.

For further practice with these sample tests, visit:

-4th Grade: Social Studies
-5th Grade: Science

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