Friday, January 16, 2015

New Crew at Lincoln Elementary

A new club this year at Lincoln is the Lincoln News Crew.

Lincoln News Crew is a group of 13 fourth and fifth grade students who work collaboratively each week to plan, produce, and publish the Friday video announcements at Lincoln.

Through this club, we are reenforcing multiple 21st century skills, as well as classroom standards. Students are learning how to make news interesting with their script and the way in which our Anchors Deliver the Script. Students are learning how to record and edit video. But most importantly, students are learning to work together with their peers to plan something great and getting to see the end product of their work each week.

This club has been such a rewarding experience for each of these students and it has been such a pleasure to watch as the club evolves each week!

Check out our Lincoln News Crews Morning Announcements from this year so far below!

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